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Children May Develop Hip Problems Too


No parent wants to hear their child needs to have a hip replaced, yet this happens at times. There are a number of conditions that can bring about the need for this surgery, and parents need to be aware of what to look for when it comes to meeting their child’s needs. Furthermore, parents must be aware of their options and where to turn in this situation. The more that is known about Pediatric Hip Replacement, the easier it becomes for a parent to make the right choice for their child.

When Might a Hip Replacement Be Called For?

Parents often do not realize their child has a problem with a hip until symptoms appear. However, a number of conditions can lead to the need for this surgery. For example, hip dysplasia, a condition that leads to malformation of the joint, leads to the bone beginning to disintegrate. Steps must be taken to stop the process and surgery is often called for. Osteomyelitis is an infection of the bone that can lead to disintegration, and bone cancer is a reason why hip replacement may be called for.


These are only a few of several conditions that may require a pediatric orthopedic surgeon be called in. Regardless of what issue is leading to the disintegration of the bone, steps need to be taken promptly to minimize the damage and ensure additional problems do not develop.

What Symptoms Do Parents Need to Be Looking For?

Problems with the hip can present in a variety of ways. Children often complain of soreness or tenderness at first and develop problems with moving around as the issue progresses. He or she may experience symptoms when resting, sleeping, moving around, or when weight is put on the joint. The doctor will need to discuss with the parent and child when pain, soreness, or tenderness are noticed to help locate the source of the problem.

When Is Surgery Needed?

Parents need to recognize surgery is the last option. Doctors work to treat the condition without the need for replacing the child’s hip. Unfortunately, there are times when this is the required course of action. Fortunately, there are doctors who specialize in this type of procedure who can be called on to help the child regain use of the hip.

Dr. Daniel Allison, an orthopedic oncologist, works with parents to determine the right solution for their child. He is trained to work with children and ensure no additional damage is sustained during the surgery. To learn more about the procedure, what it entails, and more, visit his website today.

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